Thank you Fiji Joe!


Dear Sue, I’m 78 years old and was diagnosed with Idiopathic Thrombocy Topenia (or ITP for short) in 2017 where the platelets in my blood were so far below normal that the oncologists gave me platelet infusions and steroids to help bring my platelets up to normal. Every test they gave me came back negative and they told me that I would just have to monitor it on a regular basis and to live with it. Then about 2 years ago I was experiencing a lot of pain from inflammation in my back and legs. I had read that turmeric was supposed to be good for inflammation among other things. So I decided to try turmeric for the pain I was experiencing. I wanted an organic product and my research took me to Fiji Joe Certified Organic Turmeric. It seems since I have been taking Fiji Joe Certified Organic Turmeric with my smoothie every morning for about a year and a half now my doctors and I noticed that my platelets have improved and is being consistent. I highly recommend Fiji Joe Certified Organic Turmeric as a natural supplement to anyone’s diet. Thank you Fiji Joe!