The taste is off the charts


I am off the cuff as you might find! One bona fide truth is that this turmeric has enhanced my dream life. True, yet weird. OK. Also, the taste is off the charts. I prefer 3 oz of mango juice with a level teaspoon, well mixed. It enhances the mango – try it! Now medically I’m loaded with arthritis. 52 epidurals, two of my last shots caused severe palpitations, a new manufacturer I presume. To get a consultation I would have to get another shot – money, money, money. So I STOPPED my epidurals. Here is what’s important. I’m “no worse off”. Could it be Fiji Joe Turmeric? So with my normal meds and the turmeric, the labels for Fiji Joe are true regarding “quality”. I’m getting around at 72. I would be wracked in pain in bed without my medical cocktail, of which Fiji Joe is a part.